COVID-19 Pandemic Update: OmniaMD is committed to help patients reach health care providers via free telemedicine access for COVID-19. During the COVID-19 pandemic, OmniaMD is waiving its fees and will provide free access to its providers on its open label platform. Simply download the app, register and video-call.

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Low, flat rates, no insurance needed

Ease of Use

Immediately connect to a doctor from anywhere and at any time.

Specialized MDs

Find and talk to specialists from cardiologists to internists.

Safe & Secure

All calls are encrypted and HIPAA compliant and your medical data is 100% secure.

How It Works

1Download the App

2Complete Your Profile

3Find an Available Specialist

4Connect to a Doctor

OmniaMD for Patients

Diagnose & Treat Conditions
Most diagnosis can take place without a doctor physically present.

Medication Refills
Out of your prescription? Get it refilled quickly and easily.

Medical Advice
Don't wait for answers. Receive expert medical advice instantly.

Second Opinions
Need a second opinion? OmniaMD's doctors are ready to help.

These are just some of the conditions that OmniaMD doctors can treat over video calls.

Dizziness and Headaches

Vertigo, Dehydration, Overmedication


Common cold, Sinusitis, Allergies, Runny Nose, Flu, Fever

Sore Throat

Pharyngitis, Bronchitis, Flu, Fever

Eye conditions

Conjunctivitis, Red or Itchy Eyes

Upset Stomach

Nausea, Vomiting, Indigestion, Constipation

Chest Discomfort

Heart Palpitations, Chest Pain

Sports Injuries

Pulled Muscles, Sprained Ankles


UTIs, Yeast Infections, OCP


Testosterone Supplements, Diabetes, Thyroid Medication, Oral Contraceptives

Skin Conditions

Allergies, Insect Bites

OmniaMD for Doctors & Hospitals

With a wide array of benefits, working with OmniaMD can help grow your practice and increase revenue.

Some of the benefits OmniaMD provides our doctors:

About OmniaMD

Dr. Jorge Castellanos trained at Stanford University and Harvard Medical School. He currently resides in Southern California with his beautiful wife and two children. He enjoys the outdoors and traveling abroad. Jorge hopes that OmniaMD will make healthcare more affordable and readily available, revolutionizing the way doctors provide medical care to the community.
Lauren is passionate about helping others. As a registered nurse graduate from University of San Francisco, she has developed strong personal connections with her patients. Lauren hopes that OmniaMD will give patients the opportunity to reach a doctor in seconds and help answer their questions.
Tony Arnold is our Chief Operations Officer. A consultant with Accenture, McKenchnie Coporation as President and executive VP of Business Improvement, and Honeywell International as Corporate Director of Finance and Production.

Michael Darst is our Executive Director and also the CEO of Unified Medical Consultants

Michele Arnold is our Sales and Marketing Executive. Hailing from Technology Marketing and ARAMDA Group as their Consulting President.

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