Frequently Asked Questions

Is OmniaMD cloud-based?

Yes. All of the data is stored in an encrypted cloud server.

What additional equipment needs to be purchased?

As long as you and your patients have a smart phone, you do not need to purchase any additional equipment. You both simply need to download the free app from the iTunes app store or GooglePlay. Standard data and calling fees will apply.

What are the initial and ongoing costs?

Although the pricing structure for hospitals and private practices is different, they both have an initial set-up fee and a monthly maintenance fee.

Would I need to purchase training packages after set-up?

Absolutely not. OmniaMD will provide the resources you need to succeed including all training and material.

Is it user-friendly? Can we set up and manage the platform without a dedicated IT staff member?

Yes, it is. OmniaMD provides IT services if you need them, but the platform and CRM are designed so your practice can manage it independently. OmniaMD will show your staff how to onboard patients and manage the CRM during the set-up period.

What kind of technical support do you offer?

We offer 24/7/365 technical support at no additional cost.

Do you offer resources for patient marketing?

Yes, our dedicated marketing director can offer you both paper and electronic marketing tools to share with your patients

What is the video quality?

The video quality is high definition, but it depends on the bandwidth of your patient's and your internet connection.

Can I Prescribe through the platform?

Patient's pharmacy phone number is imbedded in their profile so calling in a prescription is fast and easy.

Can I bill patients through the platform?

Since OmniaMD uses a subscription based model, billing is done by the hospital or practice.

Can I use this with my EMR?

Yes, OmniaMD can fax the dictated encounter or email it to your medical records department so it can be uploaded into your patient's chart.

Is the platform secure and HIPAA compliant?

Yes, the video calls are 128-bit encrypted when transmitted, and are deleted after ending the call. The only patient information that is stored is the dictated encounter.

Do you have a mobile app?

OmniaMD is available as a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

Will I have access to a client success team?

Absolutely, you will have a dedicated member of OmniaMD help you incorporate OmniaMD in your practice every step of the way.

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